The Living Room of the Community Health Center of LaGrange

The Living Room is a peer run alternative to an emergency department that provides mental health support.

It is a calm and safe space where individuals experiencing an increase in symptoms can receive support.  

The Living Room is free of charge and does not require insurance.

Upon arriving at The Living Room, a brief mental health screening will be conducted by a clinician to ensure it is the best place for you.

A Recovery Support Specialist will speak with you about your concerns, as well as assist you in setting goals and exploring options to attain them.

Prior to leaving, a clinician will conduct an exist sceening to ensure you received the assistance needed.

A Recovery Support Specialist will later contact you to see how you are doing and if you need further support.

Recovery Support Specialist are individuals who are living well in their own recovery, have one through extensive training, and can help you along your own recovery journey.

They are available by appointment to meet with individuals who have a mental health diagnosis and are interested in receiving extra support, achieving goals, and are able to connect you to community resources.

While empowering and supporting individuals, Recovery Support Specialist utilize their own lived experience to develop a working relationship which encourages others on their path to recovery.

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Supporting People with Mental Illness